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Electrical Installation Services: 4 Lighting Designs You Should Consider For Your Commercial Property's Outdoor Space

When it comes to commercial properties, outdoor lighting can be a matter of safety and security. The right lighting design can enhance your business's visibility and create an inviting atmosphere. Whether you want to increase safety with motion-activated lights or light up a walkway for pedestrians, plenty of options will meet your needs. 

Here are four lighting installation designs your electrician may recommend for your commercial property's outdoor space:  

Bollard Lights

Bollard lights are a popular outdoor lighting solution; they provide an even light wash. You can use them in various settings, such as low-level pathway lights that help illuminate walkways and provide extra safety for pedestrians. The lighting design can also outline a green space, patio area, or other areas. 

Most of these lights are low-maintenance, vandal-resistant, and environmentally safe. They also don't take up much ground, and many models come with solar-powered or LED bulbs for energy efficiency. 

Pole-Mounted Lighting

Pole-mounted lighting is a good choice for outdoor spaces with tall trees or other obstacles that may block the light of shorter lights. Depending on your needs and distance restrictions, these fixtures can be attached to poles and walls at various heights. 

Pole-mounted lighting provides an even wash of bright light to large areas, making it ideal for commercial properties with more outdoor space. 

Flood Lights

Flood lights are often mounted on walls or poles to illuminate a large area. These lights usually come in very powerful wattages and can be adjusted to provide a concentrated light beam or even wash over a larger space.

Flood lights are ideal security lighting solutions for commercial properties, as they can deter intruders. Your electrician will know how many bulbs to use and where to position them, for proper illumination. 

Motion-Activated Lights

Motion-activated lights work by sensing movement and turning on when a person or object is detected. These lights can enhance security by providing an extra layer of visibility in areas that need more light.  

They work well as pathway lighting or for illuminating dark corners and alleyways. The lights can be powered by solar energy or wired directly into your electrical system. Motion-activated lights are also energy efficient because they only turn on when activated.

Outdoor lighting solutions are essential to keeping your commercial property safe and secure. You can provide a welcoming atmosphere while deterring intruders with the right lighting design. Contact your local electrical contractor to discuss the lighting installation designs you should consider for your commercial property's outdoor space.