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4 Signs That Residential Electrician Services Are Needed To Address Electrical Overloads

There are a variety of things that can trigger electrical overload in homes. Homeowners may find it frustrating when their circuit breakers regularly trip. However, it is important to take the time to understand why it happens. It is a feature in the electrical system that is designed to prevent power surges. If the breaker did not trip, there would be an increased chance of electrical fire or property damage. This is evidenced by the scorched electrical outlets that are often present in homes that have frequent overloads. The following points highlight a few signs of a home that has electrical overload issues. 

Unable to Use Appliances Simultaneously

If multiple appliances cannot be used simultaneously without affecting the electrical system, it is a clear sign that electrical upgrades are needed. Having to decide what can be used and what cannot is an unnecessary inconvenience. A residential electrician can inspect properties and assess the current electrical demands. They can install a new circuit panel box or add one to back up the existing one. If there are other issues present such as not enough electrical outlets, they can make those upgrades too.

Appliances Underperform

Every appliance has its own electrical amp needs to operate. If there is not enough electricity available, it may turn on and operate, but its performance will likely be hindered. Sometimes the appliance or electronic may have a delayed startup. This can lead to damage to appliances and electronics.

Flickering Lights

This phenomenon can be caused by a number of things. However, if it is related to an electrical overload, it will usually happen when individuals start using one appliance or electronic when others are being used. The flickering response is due to the system attempting to accommodate and provide more electricity.  

Outlets Overheat

This is a serious issue that can lead to a devastating electrical fire. Homeowners should treat issues such as scorched or melted outlets seriously. It can be a sign of an arc issue going on behind the visible portion of the outlet. These outlets commonly emit a burnt odor and they will be warm to the touch. They may have a darker color than other outlets in a home.

A residential electrician is a good resource to use to learn more about electrical overloads. They can perform inspections and determine which electrical upgrades a home needs. Sometimes it is only a circuit panel upgrade to ensure that a home is properly equipped to handle its electrical demands. Other times system upgrades such as rewiring or adding outlets may be needed to ensure safety.