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4 Interesting Things Electrical Contractors May Discover While Investigating Flickering Lights

Flickering lights in a home can be a nuisance to homeowners. They may allow it to continue for an extended period of time and get used to the occurrence. It is normal to have occasional light flickering. However, if this electrical issue occurs regularly, it is a sign that something is amiss. It could be something as simple as a light bulb not being tightly screwed in. In many cases, it is a sign that electrical repairs are needed. the following points highlight electrical issues that can cause flickering lights.

Overloaded Circuit

Each circuit in a panel box has a limit on the electricity it can dispense. This is why some individuals notice flickering lights when they power up certain equipment or appliances such as washing machines. The appliance or equipment that triggers the flickering might be the issue rather than the electrical system. Items that need repairs might require more electricity to function, but the circuit may struggle to provide the power needed. 

Faulty Panel

The circuit panel is responsible for distributing power throughout a home. If it gets damaged, its performance is likely to change. A thing that causes damage to panel boxes is water or moisture intrusion. 

Outdated Electrical System

It's astonishing, but many older homes have never been rewired. The original wiring is likely to be outdated. It may also be incorrectly installed. These older homes were built at a time when electrical demands were lower. Therefore, it is also possible that there are other outdated parts in the electrical system.

Some individuals assume that the presence of a circuit panel box means that their systems are up to date. These boxes should be upgraded. If a fuse box is in a home, it is a definite sign of an antiquated electrical system. This issue should not be taken lightly because it can lead to electrical fires.

Utility Company Issue

Sometimes homeowners experience flickering lights due to issues with their electrical company's transformers. If this is the case, neighbors are likely to have the same issue. The lights may flicker when there is high usage of electricity such as morning, evenings, weekends, or holidays. The transformer will try to meet the demands of all of the homes that need electricity. This is an issue the electrical provider would need to resolve. An electrical contractor can perform the initial inspection to see if the home needs repairs. 

Electrical contractors are a good resource to use to learn more about the cause of flickering lights. They can also make safe repairs. Contact a company like T & T Electric Inc to learn more.