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Reasons To Switch To Fiber Optic Internet

Fiber optic internet is among the fastest types of broadband internet available for home and business use. Depending on your internet needs, fiber optics might be the better option for your household. 

Numerous Devices

If you live in a household with a large family, you might find it difficult to appease everyone with other forms of broadband internet, like cable. Fiber optic internet is designed with extensive use in mind, which includes large families, businesses, and households that have many connected devices. If you are always online, this activity can require significant bandwidth, even if you are simply browsing. One of the main activities that puts a higher demand on bandwidth is streaming TV and video. If you generally rely on a smart TV or connected device for your entertainment needs, fiber optics may be necessary to stream TV at the best quality and minimize lagging, while also allowing other people in the home to stream TV separately. Other devices you need to consider are internet-connected gaming consoles, tablets, and mobile phones. If you have decent internet at home or work, this can reduce the amount of data you use from your cell phone provider, which may be more costly or limited.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is a popular tool used for entertainment or even as a source of income. The amount of bandwidth and speeds necessary to live stream is high and not every type of internet can handle the burden, or at least maintain a stream of decent quality. People who are social media influencers and do gaming or live shows will likely need the speed and bandwidth that comes with fiber optic internet. Similarly, the ability to live stream can be useful to connect with friends and family who do not live nearby. Many people use live streaming for weddings or other events to make the event more accessible to those who cannot travel to the location.

Remote Work

The faster upload and download speeds associated with fiber optic internet also make it ideal for people who work or attend school remotely. Some types of work, such as those requiring you to upload videos or other large files will take a long time with slower broadband internet. A video that is a few minutes long may take hours to upload with slower types of internet. With fiber optic, your video can be uploaded within a matter of minutes. Similarly, if you need to download large files for work or school, the process is much more efficient with fiber optics. Work involving programming, graphic design, and video editing are among the types of work that may require fiber optics.

Having a fiber optic line installed in your home or business can be one of the best investments in efficiency. Fiber optic internet has bandwidth and speeds that are far superior to cable internet.

Reach out to a local fiber optics services company to learn more.